Choosing Boldness - Andrijana Shares Her Story

Posted by Andrijana Jakovleska on Thursday, September 2nd, 2021 at 11:25am.

My journey in the Home Sales business began when I was a mere 18 years old, and now, nearly seven years later, I attribute all my accomplishments to one simple choice: choosing to be bold. Recently, I stumbled upon a quote that resonated deeply with me: "Freedom lies in being bold." It instantly transported me back to my 18-year-old self, who dared to ask for what they wanted.

It all commenced in 2015 when my parents embarked on the journey of buying a new home from a Home Builder. This was a significant moment for us since it marked our first family home in Canada, our new homeland since 2009. The process was exhilarating, and my parents knew about my infatuation with interior design and my keen eye for it. They generously allowed me to take the reins on selecting interior finishes and influencing the layout of our new home. This meant attending meetings with the area manager in Rosenthal, the very area we were building our home in. These meetings opened my eyes to the myriad of options available.

As I delved deeper into this world, I couldn't help but notice the remarkable sales lady who guided us through the process. She had an uncanny ability to turn people's dreams into reality, helping them secure the financing that perfectly suited their lifestyles. Witnessing her in action was inspiring, and a seed of aspiration began to sprout within me—I wanted to do what she did. One fateful day, on my way back from high school, I walked past her showhome. For once, she wasn't busy with clients, and it was my golden opportunity. With a deep breath, I entered, greeted by her warm smile. We engaged in conversation, and before I knew it, I blurted out my desire: "I love what you do, our new home is right nearby, and I'd be thrilled to learn from you. I'm willing to come by, sit, and assist you in any way possible, without expecting any compensation. Just being here would be rewarding enough." She looked at me, intrigued, and uttered the words that would change my life, "I actually am in need of an assistant." My heart soared with excitement. She continued, "I'll give you a three-month probation period. This business revolves around people and isn't for everyone." Without hesitation, I accepted the challenge, despite my commitment to Business School and my major in Marketing at MacEwan University.

As it turned out, she must have seen something in me, because I remained her full-time assistant for six incredible years while completing my degree. We weathered the storms, reveled in the good times, and navigated the steep learning curves together. Our loyalty to each other was unwavering. Those years allowed me to pursue my studies, travel, and most importantly, work passionately— I was free. It all happened because I dared to ask. To this day, she's like a second mother to me. It was tough to part ways, but she wholeheartedly encouraged me to become a Realtor after completing my education, confident that I would excel. My own confidence was unshakable.

Reflecting on the past and my achievements in my role as a realtor, I've come to realize that, beyond discipline, motivation, and hard work (all crucial elements), it's the audacity to ask for what I want that has propelled me forward. In life, nobody hands you what you seek or what you deserve. It's up to you to take risks, to ask for help when needed, to be present, and to be accountable. This philosophy has brought me to where I stand today. My confidence continues to soar, and I know that no matter what challenges come my way, I will find a solution while staying resolutely bold. Now, as I stand at this juncture of my life, I have a mission.

My mission is to establish my own real estate brokerage, where boldness isn't just a value; it's a way of life. I aim to shatter the industry's conventional norms, to disrupt the status quo, and to break free from its stifling stereotypes. I want to prove that the real estate industry can be a place where innovation and boldness flourish, where we empower both our clients and our team to reach for the extraordinary. Boldness, after all, is the key to freedom. Remember, no one can take your boldness away from you. Choose it every day. 

Andrijana Jakovleska 

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