Choosing Boldness

Posted by Andrijana Jakovleska on Thursday, September 2nd, 2021 at 11:25am.

My journey into the Home Sales business began when I was only 18 years old. Now, almost 7 years later, all of my accomplishments I owe to choosing boldness. I read a quote recently that stuck with me: "Freedom lies in being bold". It reminded me of my 18 year old self and me choosing to ask for what I wanted. 

It all started when my parents bought a new home built through a Home Builder back in 2015. Since it was our first family home since moving to Canada in 2009, it was an exciting process. Since that time my parents knew I was infatuated with interior design and had an eye for it, so they let me choose the interior selections and have a say in the layout of the home. This required me attending meetings with the area manager in Rosenthal (the area we were building the home in) and discussing all of the options. After a few visits and me observing the environment the sales lady was working in, and how she always had people come visit her, thank her for her services, and were just so glad to have met her for how she helped them get the home of their dreams or aid them to find the financing that fit their lifestyle best, I thought to myself... I want to do this. 

One day, coming home from high school, I walked by her showhome (for once she did not have anyone sitting with her for a meeting) & I thought this is my chance. I walked in and she was happy to see me greeting me with a smile. We talked for a bit, and then I said: "I love what you do, our new home is now built and its so close by your showhome, I would be more than happy to come by and sit while you work to learn from you and also help in any way, I do not want any kind of compensation. Just being here is enough." She looked at me and said "I actually am in need of an assistant" My eyes lit up. I couldn't believe it. As soon as she saw my excitement she said " I will give you a 3 month probation period, this is a people business and it is not for everyone." I understood and said I am up for the challenge, despite my decision to remain in Business School and major in Marketing at MacEwan University.

Well... she must have liked me because I stayed as her full time assistant for 6 whole years while finishing my degree. Through all of the hardships, fun times & learning curves, we were a team and my loyalty to her was unmatched. I was able to continue my studies, travel, and also work a job I was passionate about (I was free) ALL because I was bold enough to ask. 

To this day she is like an aunty to me, and it was hard parting with her but she wholeheartedly encouraged me to become a Realtor once finished with my schooling as she knew I would excel. Despite that, I knew that I would excel, my confidence was very strong. Looking back onto the past 9 months and my accomplishments in my new role, the one thing that has helped me more than discipline, motivation, or hard work (which are all very important) is being bold and asking for what I want. Nobody is going to come to you to hand you what you're looking for or what you deserve. If I was not always taking the risk of failing, asking to help a client, being present and accountable when things needed to be done, I would not be where I am today. My confidence only continues to grow every day and I know no matter what gets thrown my way, I will find a way to solve it and remain bold. 

No one can take your boldness away from you. Choose it every day. 

Andrijana Jakovleska 

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