The #1 Tip for New Construction Home Buyers

Posted by Andrijana Jakovleska on Thursday, December 29th, 2022 at 11:38pm.

It is important for a buyer to understand that a real estate agent works for them, while a sales representative at a home builder works for the builder. This is because the agent's primary goal is to represent the interests of the buyer and help them find the best possible home for their needs and budget. On the other hand, the sales representative's primary goal is to sell homes for the builder and to maximize the builder's profits. While they may be helpful in answering questions and providing information, they ultimately work for the builder, not the buyer. This means that the real estate agent is more likely to be objective and unbiased in their recommendations, while the sales representative may be more focused on selling a particular home or type of home. The real estate agent can also offer a wider range of options and help the buyer compare different homes and builders. It is important for a buyer to be aware of this dynamic and to work with a real estate agent who has their best interests in mind, while providing complementary representation because the commission payable to realtors never comes from the buyer, always the seller which in this case is the builder. 

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