Why Buy With Andrijana Realty Group?

We have the resources to get the job done right, in the shortest time possible, and with the most favourable terms for our clients. Get exclusive access to off - market properties. 

The best part about having us represent you is: it's complementary. Realtor commission does not come from the buyer, it comes from the seller whether that is a pre-existing home or a new build. For the new build properties the commission does not affect the purchase price, it comes from a separate budget that home builders have for compensating realtors. Same goes for condos and new condo developments. 

The sales team at the home builders work for that particular home builder and can only sell what that builder provides. We work for you the client and have access to all of the possible options. All of our client relationships are formed through trust, mutual goals, and professionalism. We pay close attention to your lifestyle needs and deliver results. With years of experience in new home sales, We are also able to answer questions when it comes to new home construction. 


Regardless of your investment needs & inquiries, We will be with you every step of the way. If you are a beginner in real estate investing or you are looking to grow your portfolio, we can assist you with any questions or concerns, whether that is to find the proper financing to best suit your situation or what factors aid into maximizing your ROI while minimizing your risk. 

If you're thinking of buying, let us know your budget, timeline & lifestyle needs in the home finder tab. We'll take care of the rest and guide you through the buying process.