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As professional Realtors, we have access to detailed market information, all of the listings off and on the market, and resources to get the job done right, in the shortest time possible, and with the most favourable terms for our clients. The best part about having a Realtor represent you is: IT IS FREE! Realtor commission does not come from the buyer, it comes from the seller whether that is a pre-existing home or a new build. For the new build properties the commission does not affect the purchase price, it comes from a separate budget that builders have for compensating realtors. 

The sales team at the home builders work for that particular home builder and can only sell what that builder provides. At Andrijana Realty Group, we work for you the client and have access to all of the possible options. All of our client relationships are formed through trust, mutual goals, and professionalism. At Andrijana Realty Group, we pay close attention to your lifestyle needs and deliver results. With years of experience in new home sales, we are also able to answer questions when it comes to home construction. 


50% of buyers prefer new built properties (Alberta New Home Warranty Survey) because it gives them the chance to choose the lot and the design of the home. Some of the new properties have already begun construction on a pre-determined lot as builders have high demand and some clients prefer a shorter possession without having to wait for the building process. When having an agent represent you, your pool of options in new homes and land increases. As licensed professionals, we are able to work with trusted home builders to get you the best option possible. When you go to a home builder without representation you are swayed away from their competitors and don't have an unbiased guide to help. The sales team at these companies work for the company, where as we work for you the client and are legally obligated to provide loyalty and expert service in new home sales. Our team has years of experience in this field and can sort through the competition to make sure you've got all the facts about price and investment potential. Find new undervalued lots and properties with our help. 

Since land is a scarce resource, location plays the major role in Real Estate. Choosing the right location to build your property on is the factor that determines how much your investment will pay off down the road when you are ready to sell. New suburban neighbourhoods have the highest appreciation of land. A few factors that contribute to this are all of the new amenities that get built near by and the lot availability with backing onto trees, green space, parks, man made ponds, and in some areas lakes which all provide 'privacy' - a very attractive term in real estate. When choosing a location make sure it aligns with the features you require in your home. We will do our best to match your lifestyle with your dream home. 


When looking at pre-existing homes, the ones in suburban locations that have the best views, the most convenience, and the best investment opportunities, have the highest investment potential but are not always priced accordingly. We can get you in front of these opportunities before they are gone from the market. 

In mature neighbourhoods, closer to downtown, the land also holds great value and appreciates over time. Since these locations are favourable for certain clients, but they'd prefer a new build, the old properties get demolished and the lot becomes a clean slate to build on. One thing to note about infill properties; the price point is always higher for the same size land and home that you can build in the suburbs. Mature neighbourhoods do not have land that is appropriate for large lots and acreage type properties. 

Acreages are usually out of town, or secluded areas where land is significant and there's absolute privacy. If this aligns with your lifestyle needs, there are options of new and pre-existing properties & we can help you find the option that provides the utmost value.

If you're thinking of buying, let us know your budget, timeline & lifestyle needs. We'll take care of the rest and guide you through the buying process.